The Best Quilts Start with the Best Tools and the Best Materials. 

We use a Statler Stitcher quilting machine.  A Statler Stitcher is a Gammil which comes fully integrated with precise computer controls.  The Statler Stitcher is the finest quilting machine on the market.  We looked at other manufacturers and found that the competition were Yugos while the Statler was the Benz.

We also use the best quilting threads and batting.  We use Signature quilting threads to insure that we make the finest quilt by minimizing thread breaks and avoiding restarts on the quilting machine. We also use Hobbs quilting batting and we try to avoid piecing batting.

With that said, do you want your quilt to be a treasured heirloom?


Quilt Crafters LLC

Computerized Long Arm Quilting Services and Embroidery Services

We provide professional long arm quilting services with our computer controlled Statler Stitcher long arm quilting machine. Our Statler Stitcher computer controlled long arm quilting machine has a 30” throat which minimizes the number of times the quilt has to be rolled.  We can provide either single design edge to edge long arm quilting services or complex design multiple pattern long arm quilting services.  In addition, we use a 15 needle large scale embroidery machine to embroider names, or complex designs on quilts.  We also have a computer controlled cutter that can perfectly cut an appliqué to go on your quilt which we can embroider on to your quilt.  We take the same pride in workmanship with your quilt that we do with our own quilts.

Our shop in Cumming, Georgia is a clean, smoke free, and pet free environment. We can turnaround an edge to edge quilt design within two weeks and a complex design multiple pattern quilt within three weeks. We price our quilting services competitively and provide you with numerous quilting patterns from which to choose. In addition, if you do not see the quilt pattern you want, then please contact us and we can purchase the quilt pattern you want for a slight up-charge.

Our quilting services can be provided in one of two ways. You can send us the completed quilt top, and the quilt backing and we will sell you the quilt batting.  We will then quilt the three together. Alternatively, you can send us the completed quilt top and we can sell you the quilt batting and the quilt backing and we can quilt the three together.

In addition, we cut and embroider large appliqués on quilts.  We use a Ioline cutter to precisely cut templates for cutting the quilt appliqués.  We utilize a large SWF embroidery machine to provide you with the best quality embroidery stitching and larger quilt appliqués.  Given that both quilt machines are computer controlled we are able to cut and stitch the quilt appliqués for the perfect look.  We also embroider names on quilts utilizing countless different fonts.  We can also embroider individuals blocks designs for using in quilt squares.  You are only limited by your imagination. 

Finally, we can make the quilt binding from your matching quilt fabric and machine bind it to your quilt.  We ask that you provide us sufficient fabric in lengths so it does not have to be pieced. 

Patrice Kelleher


We are here to serve you.   If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to give us a call at 770-289-4720 (between 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern time)


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